Spring is Here, So Time to Build a New Chicken Coop

If you’re also going to create 5 new chicken coop plans, please feel free to share your pictures. I will be happy to post anybody’s designs they chose because I like to use them as inspiration. Once again I will be sharing the plans that I used and also many pictures of my own chicken farm. Please comment below if you have any questions or you want to complement me on my coop.

The winter is finally over and spring has officially started today. I am very pleased about this because for one the weather is a little bit warmer and I’m also able to build a new chicken coop. I have been planning on building one as soon as the weather got warmer, because I want to have more chickens for the summer. Today I have been looking around for some simple plans for chicken coop and I have came across a couple that seem intriguing. I will look a little more into them and if I decide that I want to get some of them I will post them on this blog. I always like to share my results with all the other backyard chicken farmers in the visitors that come to the site. I believe it helps them get an idea of what they want their coop to look like as well.

I have looked into building a coop at: http://www.kenschickenfarm.com/ that has defense round. This defense will be a fence of course to prevent other animals from getting inside and attacking the hens. I have one splitter group before and a got attacked in the middle of the night and I lost a couple of my chickens, which wasn’t the best time for me. So now whenever I built my coops I tried to make them as secure as possible. One thing that I have been doing is building a trench that is at least 12 inches deep, this helps prevent animals that like to dig such as skunks weasels from getting their way into the hutch. I will end this could step from a well-known site that teaches about chickens called Living Greener. This site has a lot of information about keeping backyard chickens and I think it is very helpful for anybody who is new and well informed to take a look at it. I went over it today and I found some interesting facts that I may even implement for this spring.

One other thing that I like you to know about chicken coops is that they are sturdier when he built them with a stronger wood. You can get pretreated would from a local hardware store and this will help prevent any writing that may occur over the years. This riding can come from rain and snow. It can also come from termites are any other bugs. For me, I’m going to go with a stronger wood that is naturally resistant to running, which is redwood. I found this out from looking at a chicken site called Fair Fax County. The site also has some great information about raising chickens in your backyard. As one of the few sites actually want to help out the little chicken farmer and gives them accurate information to help them succeed. Some of the sites that are highly recommend to others who want to start this hobby of farming in the backyard.